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February 13, 2015 20 below Celsius at noon

Nearly blinding
The star-white snow
Flashing back at the sun,

Almost warm
In the diamond bright’s
Sub-zero stillness,

As Love fashions darts for spring.


In my garden
As in the laneways I used to play,
A hollyhock nods against a fence
Patiently, without status or praise.

A Pansy in May

The face, almost a circle
Of dappled tranquility
Making a place at its centre
Forever present
Even before snow withdraws into the mist
Waiting until it’s acknowledged In this tiny
Unassuming flower
So near to earth.

A Bird

Snow blankets the ground from corner to corner.
Branches spread black-grey shadows upon the white.
Mirage-like amidst a tangle of dried vines
A charcoal-black bird pecks busily in the branches.

A Horse on Christmas Eve

Guess who I saw today,
This icy eve of Christmas:
That lone brown horse who lives by the tracks near Guildwood
Snow grazing
Happy to be free
Of the icy wetness that fell upon us yesterday and held him hidden
And warm in his horse house.

Budgie Lost

    “A blue budgie,
    A friendly talker” left his master
    “Who misses him very much”
    So says the poster on the pole.


    Spring’s robins set free from melting snow
    Fly from budding trees to the ground and back
    Up into the windy sky.
    But from summer’s sun they seek the shade.
    And hide when fall’s first frost whispers
    Fly – Fly –
    Prepare for snow swirling through bony branches,
    When no singing bird braves the brooding sky.


Winds rage round Rouge Hill Station.
Trees bend against the sky.
The ice-blue lake clings to the horizon like a giant tear
To see the sun begin his homeward ride.


Reeds wave and bend to the breeze.
The lake behind the trees
Rises blue to the sky.
Sun falls upon a dust-born path about an ancient tree
Whose writhing trunk and outstretched arms dissolve into the dusty haze-
Watched by the waters,
Silence heard by the grasses;
Reeds whisper.
The enchanted air plays behind the phantasmagoria.

“God Bless the Child”

“God Bless the Child”written in 20th century America by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog junior seems to echo sentiments of a couplet written in Latin by Martial in first century Rome.

“If you are a pauper now Aemellius, you will always be a pauper.

For nowadays no one gets anything unless they’re rich.” (Martial Book 5,#8)

“Them that’s got shall get

Them that’s not shall lose… “(Holiday&Herzog)

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