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“The Consuls” versus “Little Caesar and the Consuls”

On my website “” the term “consuls” has for months been at the top of the list of Internet searches listed for my site. I assume that this persistently high position indicates that there are still many online interested in … Continue reading

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A Roman Wedding

Juvenal, Roman satirist of the first century A.D. decrying the growing effeminacy of the Roman male in that century, mockingly quotes one such male in an imagined dialogue as follows: ‘”I have a ceremony to attend at dawn to-morrow, in … Continue reading

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Hot and Sexy

The most conspicuous signs of modernity can be seen in the area of human sexual mores. The expression “sexy” and “hot” are central to the rise in social enlightenment. For as our interests in scientific studies increase, moralistic restrictions on … Continue reading

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Elder Abuse/Granny Bashing

Elder Abuse has been a growing concern in the U.S. and Canada since the mid 1970’s when the British christened it “granny bashing”. Since then, abuse of the elderly has been increasing. Most abusers are the children of the victim. … Continue reading

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