Global Weather in a Global Village

There’s been talk among right-wing conspirators that hurricanes are the creatures of left-wing media.

Yesterday afternoon(Oct. 30,2012) in the city of Scarborough, Ontario Canada, while waiting for a bus at the corner of Lawrence and Markham road, the day of the media reported hurricane sneaking out of the Atlantic Ocean toward New York State, I heard two ladies discussing the great storm they’d heard about, but not yet experienced. One lady’s view of the hurricane that neither had experienced yet was that media people are trained to tell us about upcoming weather severity so that we will go out and buy stuff like storm rations as they had for a storm that did not materialize in the year 2000. And I also heard that a large number of local parents had kept their children out of school believing, contrary to fact, that schools would be closed because of the hurricane which did not happen beyond media images.

Although most of us who did not experience this hurricane will likely forget it and the day’s weather reports, the effect these reports had on our ability to distinguish fact from electronic images may be tested again as we are trained in global perceiving in which weather is shared by everyone within reach of electronic media.