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Ms. Oda’s Resignation

Today is September 16, 2016. For some days now television news and business programs have been reporting that “Buono” is still trying to get old nation states to increase their foreign aid to newer developing nations. Today he’s been trying … Continue reading

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Splendour in the Grass a 1961 movie

On Friday August 23, 2013 I was anticipating PBS’s movie at 8 pm when my wife mockingly said It’s Splendour in the Grass. Do you really want to watch that for the umpteenth time. My response was that I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Newspaper Survival 2011 & Buying Newspapers 2013

Since July 2011 when I published “Newspaper Survival” on WordPress, I viewed the PBS presentation on the Graham family’s ending selling their 83 year stake in The Washington Post newspaper to the Amazon .com founder and friend of a Graham … Continue reading

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Newspaper Buying

Newspaper Buying Watching the August 6, 2013 PBS News Hour presentation about the sale of The Washington Post newspaper to Mr. Bazos the father of Amazon, the Online retailer, reminded me of my view that fewer people purchase newspapers because … Continue reading

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Income Gaps

July 28, 2013 I, once not too long ago and even some time ago, said that “impoverishment” had not been an election issue in either the 2011 Canadian federal election when the NDP once considered a socialist party called communists … Continue reading

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The Expanding Gap

August 21, 2013 Two images continue to haunt me: the May, 2013 television image of the beaming President and CEO of Blackberry/RIM introducing the latest Blackberry handsets. The other is a newspaper image of a daycare operator obscured behind the … Continue reading

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Fait Accompli/President Morsi is nolonger President

August 16,2013 Amidst references to Egypt’s summer of 2013 political conflict we hear that both the moderates supporting Egypt’s army, and the less than moderate President Morsi supporters believe that the United States is encouraging the other side. These accusations … Continue reading

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