The Expanding Gap

August 21, 2013

Two images continue to haunt me: the May, 2013 television image of the beaming President and CEO of Blackberry/RIM introducing the latest Blackberry handsets. The other is a newspaper image of a daycare operator obscured behind the hood of a winter jacket as she is taken into custody by two, more elegantly attired police officers. Approximately 3 months after the May 2013 Blackberry Ltd. announcements and some 17 months after his becoming President and CEO there are media reports of the possible sale of the new Blackberry company with a likely payout to the President and CEO of forty-six million dollars. The hooded little person escorted by police paid fifteen thousand dollars for her freedom before her charge was reduced from second degree murder to negligent homicide. Her apparent crime was the result of a child’s death in her overcrowded daycare facility.

I can’t but guess that the overcrowded daycare facility was a result of its owner trying to bring in as much money as possible in a world where many work two jobs non stop while upper echelon executives rake in what the two job workers and day care operators might consider a fortune, paid to some executives for what their fellow business associates feel is their indispensable managing-marketing image, regardless of how long they are on the job, the value of their company’s stock or how many people they might unemploy.


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