Newspaper Survival 2011 & Buying Newspapers 2013

Since July 2011 when I published “Newspaper Survival” on WordPress, I viewed the PBS presentation on the Graham family’s ending selling their 83 year stake in The Washington Post newspaper to the Amazon .com founder and friend of a Graham family member. As you may know the highlight of the interview was a video clip of a women who said that she gets her news free Online, thus confirming that the sale of the paper to Mr. Bazos of Amazon was in keeping with the rise of digital media and a possible cure for the Post’s money losing business. Though I do believe that fewer people read print than one might expect considering the increase in University graduates, I still believe that the decline in newspaper readers has more to do with a corresponding decrease in wages and increased prices. The video clip is compelling at first, but all one need do is consider some of the more blatant newspaper price increases such as the Toronto Star’s recent doubling of its Thursday and Friday papers from one dollar to understand why fewer people can afford to pay for print newspapers.