Income Gaps

July 28, 2013

I, once not too long ago and even some time ago, said that “impoverishment” had not been an election issue in either the 2011 Canadian federal election when the NDP once considered a socialist party called communists by some became for the first time Canada’s official opposition with the Quebec Bloq’s help, or in the US.”fiscal cliff” president’s race of 2012.

But now Ms. Clinton’s starting early for the 2016 Democrat primary president race saying there’s a gap between the middle classers (professionals ?) and the better off classes that’s hard to ignore like OECD’s gap in Canada between haves & have nots, and Mr. Obama now days in a row in the NY Times hoeing & planting the gap for Ms. Clinton to reap for Democrat middle classers surviving on just $450000. a yr..

And today, August 22, 2013 a NY Times article is announcing that there is a determination among both Democrat and Republican political representatives to limit recent higher than inflation increases in college tuition fees by better supporting those institutions’ whose graduates earn the most money, thus saving money for American taxpayers, and graduates who have accumulated an average twenty-six thousand dollars in debt. Though one of the conditions for high government ranking and support includes the number of poor students enrolled, it is difficult to imagine more than a sprinkling of poor people with adequate pre university schooling who could even dream of taking on the average $26,000 debt for tuition.

Certainly, college tuition is a bipartisan middle class issue that should with other middle/professional class issues dominate political debate for years to come..