Mr. Obama and Limits of Power

“Obama in Wide-Ranging UN Speech Defends American Power, but Acknowledges its Limits” …Despite a war-weary American public and its declining reliance on Middle Eastern oil, Mr. Obama insisted the United States would continue to be an active player in the region, defending its interests; advocating for democratic principles; working to resolve sectarian conflicts in countries … More Mr. Obama and Limits of Power

LHIN: Scarborough, Ontario

September 20, 2013 This morning I looked at a report in yesterday’s Scarborough Mirror, a Metroland publication.It tells of how with the Ontario Government Scarborough’s LHIN(Local Health Integration Network)and the Hay Group, a global management team, will refresh a strategic plan to amalgamate hospital services in Scarborough to save money. Since I thought I had … More LHIN: Scarborough, Ontario

How Did Sun Oil Become Suncor;then Petro Canada?

Today, June, 27, 2013; a BNN broadcaster informed me that Suncor was Canada’s biggest diversified energy company. And I  didn’t believe him. And many perhaps weren’t paying attention, or many simply believed that Suncor is a Canadian company( though it left Sunoco in 1995 a descendant of Sun Oil, & currently sells Petro Canada products, and … More How Did Sun Oil Become Suncor;then Petro Canada?

Thinking, Using, Exploding

September 9,2013 Talk of the US and others attacking Syria has persisted for almost as long as the two-year uprising itself. Sometimes the word democracy pops up as in Egypt where an American spokesman has said that the Egyptian army takeover this July ensures democracy; regime change as in Iraq, as in Libya sometimes has … More Thinking, Using, Exploding

The Great Depression, The Great War

September 8, 2013 As in 2008 Mr. Obama evoked images of the Great Depression, today Mr. Kerry evokes images of the second Great War. . Mr Kerry said the international community was facing a “Munich moment” – a reference to the policy of appeasement that failed to stop Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Great War