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Suncor Energy Colorado/ Suncor Canada?

September 30, 2013 The quotation that follows was copied and pasted from a Colorado Suncor(Canada’s energy company) website. It is the result of my continuing effort to understand why Suncor is called a Canadian company when it began as a … Continue reading

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Mr. Obama and Limits of Power

“Obama in Wide-Ranging UN Speech Defends American Power, but Acknowledges its Limits” …Despite a war-weary American public and its declining reliance on Middle Eastern oil, Mr. Obama insisted the United States would continue to be an active player in the … Continue reading

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Local Health System Integration Act, 2006

September 22, 2013 The province of Ontario has obviously been planning the amalgamation of hospitals for some time. I had been unaware of these plans and am still ignorant of the functions of the LHIN given its authority by Local … Continue reading

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“The Scarborough Hospital is embarking on a Strategic Plan Refresh”

Strategic Plan Refresh

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LHIN: Scarborough, Ontario

September 20, 2013 This morning I looked at a report in yesterday’s Scarborough Mirror, a Metroland publication.It tells of how with the Ontario Government Scarborough’s LHIN(Local Health Integration Network)and the Hay Group, a global management team, will refresh a strategic … Continue reading

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How Did Sun Oil Become Suncor;then Petro Canada?

Today, June, 27, 2013; a BNN broadcaster informed me that Suncor was Canada’s biggest diversified energy company. And I  didn’t believe him. And many perhaps weren’t paying attention, or many simply believed that Suncor is a Canadian company( though it left … Continue reading

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Thinking, Using, Exploding

September 9,2013 Talk of the US and others attacking Syria has persisted for almost as long as the two-year uprising itself. Sometimes the word democracy pops up as in Egypt where an American spokesman has said that the Egyptian army … Continue reading

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