LHIN: Scarborough, Ontario

September 20, 2013

This morning I looked at a report in yesterday’s Scarborough Mirror, a Metroland publication.It tells of how with the Ontario Government Scarborough’s LHIN(Local Health Integration Network)and the Hay Group, a global management team, will refresh a strategic plan to amalgamate hospital services in Scarborough to save money.

Since I thought I had read somewhere that resistance to the original plan had caused its cancellation. I was surprised to see that the refreshed amalgamation plan has been ongoing. Below I have printed the opening three paragraphs of a Scarborough Hospital Website that I thought might clarify what I had read in the Scarborough Mirror. But what I found Online was more obscure than what I had tried to make sense of in the front page Mirror article because of its professional jargon usage:

1.“Strategic Plan Refresh” needs explanation or perhaps interpretation based on the original plan I presume.
2.“clarity” a media term of rhetoric implying the eventual delivery of factual and understandable information,
3.“roadmap” a media, political metaphor depicting concrete actions not specified
4.“LHIN ” still a mystery that I had only within the past year learned the meaning of even though it’s been around since 2007.
5.“stakeholders” a common political expression referring to unnamed persons.

The Scarborough Hospital is embarking on a Strategic Plan Refresh in an effort to provide more clarity and guidance regarding which services should expand, remain fixed or decrease in order to meet the acute care hospital needs of our community.

The purpose of the Strategic Plan Refresh is to create a roadmap for redefining the scope and size of hospital services over the next few years, resulting in a stronger organization that can better serve the needs of the Scarborough community as part of an integrated health model. The refreshed strategic plan should be evidence-based, compelling, patient-focused and in line with government and LHIN directives.

The Scarborough Hospital is working with the Hay Group and a range of program stakeholders to develop options for our future. Community stakeholders have been asked to provide input on the draft decision-making criteria that was developed, and will be engaged in a more extensive consultation once options are developed. – See more at: http://tsh.to/pages/What-is-the-Strategic-Plan-Refresh-project#sthash.wuq5qhTb.dpuf…

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