Mr. Obama and Limits of Power

“Obama in Wide-Ranging UN Speech Defends American Power, but Acknowledges its Limits”

…Despite a war-weary American public and its declining reliance on Middle Eastern oil, Mr. Obama insisted the United States would continue to be an active player in the region, defending its interests; advocating for democratic principles; working to resolve sectarian conflicts in countries like Iraq, Syria, and Bahrain; and if necessary, intervening militarily with other countries to head off humanitarian tragedies…( New York Times)

Today I read in a book published in 2012 that when Britain disengaged from the Middle East because it ran out of money, the United States took over. I hope the bit above about America being less reliant on Middle East oil is true owing to Canada’s supplying large quantities of tanker train shipments of hard to mine tar sands oil below world prices, or because there are sufficient quantities of the U.S’s new found rather difficult to mine reserves, or perhaps the 2010 nuclear renaissance has helped diminish the need for energy imports from countries other than politically compatible Canada.

Otherwise insufficient funds may have something to do with Mr. Obama’s uncertain foreign policy alluded to through out this report.

September 25, 2013

Limits of Power

The above pasted quotation from the New York Times Online article dated September 24, appeared again in a September 25 article headed “Obama Defends U.S. Engagement in the Middle East” replacing yesterday’s “Obama in Wide-Ranging UN Speech Defends American Power, but Acknowledges its Limits” header. Removal of the term “Limits” is significant: I just learned that limits of power has been a central notion of debate among united states writers and thinkers. In a 2010 article from the Economist entitled “Limits of Power” to a Mar 23, 2011 article published by the Cato Institute headed “Understanding the Limits of American Power” these writers’ discussion of limits as in America’s limits of power may actually reveal America’s slowly developing new foreign policy. The US’s threatening retaliation against Syria for weeks then almost over night, and almost gleefully accepting the plan for Syria to formally reveal its chemicals to the world may not demonstrate Mr. Obama’s uncertain foreign policy, but may permit voters to get used to their adminstration’s acting on its own real interests informed by the limitations of its ability to further the interests of other nations.