Suncor Energy Colorado/ Suncor Canada?

September 30, 2013

The quotation that follows was copied and pasted from a Colorado Suncor(Canada’s energy company) website. It is the result of my continuing effort to understand why Suncor is called a Canadian company when it began as a subsidiary of America’s Sun Co./Sun Oil of the USA. and its take over of Petro Canada in 2009 was largely financed by the Crown Corporation’s, Petro- Canada’s money.

Suncor has its own network of 44 retail sites across Colorado, 38 of which are branded Shell. The remaining six locations will continue to sell Suncor products under the Phillips 66 brand, until our current marketing and license agreement with ConocoPhillips expires in 2013. Suncor also has contract agreements to supply Shell and Phillips 66 branded fuels to more than 225 outlets throughout Colorado.

Suncor supplies about 35% of Colorado’s gasoline and diesel fuel demand. We blend 10% ethanol into gasoline at our Commerce City refinery and

sell it through our retail network. Ethanol as a fuel additive is mandated in certain parts of Colorado during the winter months.

Suncor Energy (U.S.A.) Inc. is an authorized licensee of the Shell and Phillips 66® brand and marks in the state of Colorado.