The Consuls 1957-1959/Little Caesar and the Consuls 19 ? to 2013

  From Norm’s arrival in June of 1957 until the birth of The  Consuls in December of that year, Willie, Gibbie, Norm and myself rehearsed at Mr. Redmond’s 208 Dunn Ave, where Willie had been renting a room, an address between my family‘s 200 to 206 Dunn and the Room-Smiths’ 210 Dunn Avenue. Some time … More The Consuls 1957-1959/Little Caesar and the Consuls 19 ? to 2013

Stupidity,Limit, Freedom

October 18, 2013 am. Early in the morning of October 16 and most of the day before, October 17; and still today, October 21, every time I put debt limit into Google at the top of the first search results page appears a CBC file heading “…Is the debt ceiling a ‘stupid’ idea? “. Now … More Stupidity,Limit, Freedom

Where are the Republicans?

October 17, 2013 During the 2012 Republican primaries and the presidential election that followed I was unable to detect among Canadian or American journalists anyone who admitted supporting Republican candidates or the political concerns of the Republican party. Everything said or written about Republicans stressed their representing tax breaks for the rich and in general … More Where are the Republicans?

U.S. Government Funding

October 14, 2013 In a September 18 video interview believing that the U.S. is going the way of Bankrupt Detroit, and saying he would cut taxes, cut spending and not bail out anybody, former Republican congressman Ron Paul accused Republicans of hypocrisy in wanting to fund the military and its overseas projects while favouring cut … More U.S. Government Funding

A Warning From On High

October 7, 2013 …Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warned that the budget brinkmanship was “playing with fire” and implored Congress to pass legislation to re-open the government and increase the nation’s $16.7 trillion debt limit. Lew reiterated that Obama has no intention to link either bill to Republican demands for changes in the 3-year-old health care … More A Warning From On High