Reaction to an Online Retailer Buying a Newspaper

When newspapers first appeared about the age of Victoria the literate wrote that papers would dilute literacy. Marshall McLuhan mid twentieth century media critic foresaw newspapers extending the technological reach of advertisers who would eventually pay people to buy papers to extend their reach . Today newspapers have Online circulation, but frequently some of those Online reports seem identical regardless of the newspaper publisher’s name. And too often those identical reports on world events bear the Reuters & Associated Press labels nullifying any chance that these old newspaper publications are providing varied opinions of these important happenings. And in order to read these globally diluted opinions we must persevere through the blitz of advertising that might have been dismissed in papers by turning a page or looking askance. Online news also demands much greater focus on readers’ awareness of what one needs to know, to be sought , and diminishes the possibility that important less reported events might turn up hidden in the centre of a paper fold. Even paid subscriptions for Online news seems restricted to a linear battling of advertising imagery and: the, where did it go? I thought I saw it earlier, maybe yesterday, or was it last week?