Republican congress delivers a message

October 15, 2013 11:30 am.

I just saw some Boehner-Cantor led congress people, 3 men and one woman, humbly  tiptoeing to a microphone and announcing how happy they were that senate leaders had been talking to each other and saying that they would like a debt ceiling deal that would be equitable, favouring neither corporations nor political representatives.

Then I put “shut down” into Google; I got “An American Shutdown Reaches the Earth’s End” dated October 14 at the top of page one results, an article about how the shut down has stopped climate history research in Antarctica.

…Samantha Hansen, an assistant professor of geological sciences at the University of Alabama, was set to leave for Antarctica on Nov. 4. The government agencies she would normally turn to for information are shut down, and she has graduate students whose theses depend on what emerges from the dirt and snow of Antarctica…

This trepidation over Antarctic government research funding reminds me of another article dated October 13 about Antarctic researchers anxieties:

From Antarctica to America, US turns out the lights on science research

By Jeremy A. Kaplan