The Consuls 1957-1959/Little Caesar and the Consuls 19 ? to 2013


October 28, 2013 and October 31

From Norm’s arrival in June of 1957 until the birth of the “Consuls” in December of that year, Willie, Gibbie, Norm and myself rehearsed at Mr. Redmond’s 208 Dunn Ave, where Willie had been renting a room, an address between my family‘s 200 to 206 Dunn and the Room Smiths’ 210 Dunn Avenue. Some time in the fall Willie discovered guitarist, Gene MacLellan, eventually a major figure in the “Consuls” on vocals and guitar. A French language Wikipedia account of the “Consuls” under the name “Little Caesar and the Consuls” dated from 1956 excludes Gene MacLellan,,the “Consuls” ‘, Quebec born, first guitarist,who would become the Canadian writer of Snowbird and at least one other Ann Murray song. Also wrongly excluded from the original group is British born Ernie Stubbs “The Consuls”‘ first bassist. And lest I appear ego centric may I say that I too the “Consuls”’ first drummer has been excluded. Both the bassist and drummer replacing Ernie and myself * in the years 1957-1959 of the Wikipedia account were people I knew only as “Consuls”’ fans, one a friend of Norm and the other a person I met sometimes on the east bound King street car. Gene’s replacement on guitar I remember only as the guitarist in the second “Consuls” band after Gene, Robbie and I had left sometime in early 1959; this second version of the band with the new guitarist likely became “Little Caesar and the Consuls“ despite the Wikipedia account misnaming and mis dating the band as “Little Caesar and the Consuls” and not simply “The Consuls” the band I played drums in from December 1957 until the late spring of 1959.


*Below the list titled ” Autres membres du groupe” are the names of people associated with “Little Caesar and the Consuls but not dated: Ernest Stubbs, the “Consuls”‘ first bassist from 1957 to 1959, and me Peter DeRemigis drummer from 1957 to 1959, Gene MacLellan 1957 to 1959, and Robbie Robertson May-June 1959. The name “Peter Deremiccious (guitare)” is likely me Peter De Remigis, a misspelling of my name that I saw in print some years ago. And I will assume that the name “Peter Remigis (batterie)” is also me Peter De Remigis (drummer).
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