They finally got him!

November 14, 7:30 AM

CTV television is already polling for the 2014 Toronto mayor’s race based on yesterday’s release of police files showing emotional chaos in Mayor Ford’s office: Olivia Chow has 34% and Mayor Ford a mere 20%. Still I can’t see any reference to that mystery crack video in media lawyer Mr. Jacobson’s review of documents on CP24 television immediately after police intercepts were released by the courts yesterday, nor this morning in Online documents linked to a virus-like toolbar.

Anti Mayor Ford Protests on June 1 and November 6, 2013

November 6, 2013 (evening)

Toronto city hall protesters seemed to be mentioned every time I turned on the CTV news networks; some broadcasters were impressed with some protesters chalk written graffiti telling Mayor Ford to resign on a concrete structure in the protesters’ vicinity. Some hours before it took place there was even a Toronto Star Online header announcing that there would be this protest in several hours before it happened. Those who attended the demonstration looked a lot like those who attended last June’s anti Mr. Ford get together; that is, they do not appear to resemble the population you might see on a Toronto city or suburban street or on the TTC, or even the Lakeshore GO Train line. Where did they come from? Another city?

November 3, 2013( November 4, not November 3)

Here’s another re-blog below. I was reminded of it because yesterday I read that somebody did a poll before and after Toronto police said thy found the illusive Ford video and Mayor-Ford’s-doing-a-good job numbers actually increased by about 4 points from a poll just before the video was located. The poll also said 60 % of those asked said they wanted Ford to resign. And Scarborough’s Ford support is 54%, highest in the GTA. Some of the people who do not support Mr. Ford were having their protest photographed for the Globe and Mail(Toronto’s most expensive newspaper I think) last June, and I was thinking back then that there were probably no Scarborough people among them.

June 1, 2013; 7pm.

The people in the Online photo accompanying a Globe and Mail article about hundreds protesting at Toronto’s city hall on June 1,2013 demanding that Mayor Ford resign because of a video that no one can find are not representative of the population one might see on any street corner in the Greater Toronto Area, or travelling on the TTC. Where did they come from?

Obama Care, Science & Ross Perot


October 12, 2013

“Science is closed for the season. For the year. There will be no science,” lamented one Antarctic blogger who goes by the name Genevieve (strict rules govern what contractors are allowed to say to the press — speaking up means risking work next year).

Almost everything I’ve picked up sponsored by Canada’s media The CBC on television and Online, and the CTV private network, The Toronto Star, The National Post, and just about every U.S. media organization is that the U.S. government shutdown would not have happened without the Republican’s Tea Party dislike of public medicine. Nothing is said about the historical context of the shut downs back to the Carter and Regan years when there was no Obama Care. Nor has anyone mentioned the 1992 presidential candidacy of Ross Perot whose only issue was American government debt, long before Obama Care and before the Tea Party. Has everyone forgotten how before Obama was president that many were predicting the demise of the American dollar as a world currency? Or does “speaking up” mean risking your job as Genevieve suggests above?