Obama Care, Science & Ross Perot


October 12, 2013

“Science is closed for the season. For the year. There will be no science,” lamented one Antarctic blogger who goes by the name Genevieve (strict rules govern what contractors are allowed to say to the press — speaking up means risking work next year).

Almost everything I’ve picked up sponsored by Canada’s media The CBC on television and Online, and the CTV private network, The Toronto Star, The National Post, and just about every U.S. media organization is that the U.S. government shutdown would not have happened without the Republican’s Tea Party dislike of public medicine. Nothing is said about the historical context of the shut downs back to the Carter and Regan years when there was no Obama Care. Nor has anyone mentioned the 1992 presidential candidacy of Ross Perot whose only issue was American government debt, long before Obama Care and before the Tea Party. Has everyone forgotten how before Obama was president that many were predicting the demise of the American dollar as a world currency? Or does “speaking up” mean risking your job as Genevieve suggests above?