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Mayor Ford’s Media Image

December 27, 2013 am Toronto’s Mayor Ford’s recent media image has forced me to think about this man who I accidentally became aware of when he was a Toronto counsellor speaking to Toronto Counsel on a local television channel that … Continue reading

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The Internship, June 2013

December 12, 2013 Two problems have emerged in the years since the 1970’s through the oil embargo driven depression of the early 1980’s in North America: diminishing opportunities for employment and increasing divisions among national populations where people have come … Continue reading

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Impoverishment or Inequality/Majority or Middle Class

December 18,2013 am Over the past two days on Canada’s BNN(Business News Network) I heard that Canada’ s family indebtedness has reached a record 163% of gross income, and that the Province of Ontario has recently sold 6 billion dollars … Continue reading

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Video Transparency: Ford Documents of November 27, 2013 Appear

November 5, 2013 Documents available today are at . None of the court documents pertaining to Mayor Ford, Mr. Lisi and others is the famed crack cocaine video seen only by two Toronto Star reporters 3 times; Even the … Continue reading

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Use Your Imagination

November 27, 2013 pm   Several hours ago I did my daily Mayor Ford Google search and caught a gleeful Toronto Star headline saying that more of Mayor Ford’s and his friend Mr. Lisi’s police files have been released by … Continue reading

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The New Mayor Despite The Municipal Elections Act

November 30, 2013 am In an Online Globe and Mail article I learned that “media” finally got a mayor of Toronto that they like: “He’s articulate, centrist, congenial.” His name is Norm Kelley, the deputy mayor who was elected councillor … Continue reading

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