Use Your Imagination

November 27, 2013 pm


Several hours ago I did my daily Mayor Ford Google search and caught a gleeful Toronto Star headline saying that more of Mayor Ford’s and his friend Mr. Lisi’s police files have been released by the courts to the public when I realized that the public is the news media and their lawyers. I then attempted to learn Online how I might obtain and read those documents myself ( without media assistance), but like my attempts to learn more about a British oil executive’s murder on a Belgium street I kept getting identical summaries of how and where the murder took place, so every time I attempted varying search terms requesting where I might obtain these police files I kept getting the same old stories about a judge succumbing to media lawyers and releasing information in addition to the files released on November 13.  Finally a Global news page appeared with an article saying that these court documents will not be available till December 6, and even then they may not see the light of day because of Lisi lawyers’ and prosecutors’ legal maneuverings. But though Online searches produce a wide variety of news organizations saying mostly the same thing:

more Lisi Ford Police reports have been made available by the courts,

their implicit message is


Use your imagination.