Mayor Ford’s Media Image

December 27, 2013 am

Toronto’s Mayor Ford’s recent media image has forced me to think about this man who I accidentally became aware of when he was a Toronto counsellor speaking to Toronto Counsel on a local television channel that mysteriously came on with my television set. When he was elected mayor to everyone’s surprise (most reports seemed to indicate that a better known successful provincial politician, Mr. Smitherman, would replace Mr. Miller as mayor; and today I don’t remember the name of the candidate that I voted for, perhaps because I’ve been bombarded with reports and images on television newspapers, and electronic media of Mayor Ford) I forgot about him until a few months later I was reminded of his existence as Mayor when I received a flier in my down-the-street mail box encouraging me to join Twitter and tweet something against him.

So yesterday December 26, 2013 -now educated about Mr. Ford in some detail: his relatives his mother, his brother, his sister, and the fact that his father had been a member of Ontario’s reviled Conservative Mike Harris led government, and perhaps the essence of his media image: photographs of him among groups of visibly typical Torontonians; and that the whole world is laughing at him- I saw Mr’ Ford on CTV’s CP 24, this time among Torontonians enduring loss of electricity for 4.5 days in sub zero temperatures, lambasting his helplessly repeating condolences big as life and without flinching.

Below is a report in the Toronto Star of the incident that I viewed on CP 24:

Debra Black

Immigration Reporter,

Published on Thu Dec 26 2013

Some residents of a Toronto Community Housing building on McCowan Ave. – which has been without power since Saturday – berated Mayor Rob Ford about the lack of electricity in their building and the city’s lack of action at a barbecue held on their behalf…