The Consuls

1956 Ford Consul(*)©  Our repertoire and sound were established by rehearsals at Bruce’s house. Norm’s swing/rock’n roll tunes became the climax of our shows, and Bruce’s vocal renditions of Huey Piano Smith’s and Fats Domino’s songs were the essence of our style and could be heard at any point from the beginning to the end of … More The Consuls

April 18, 2014 Since I published “Oil By Train Or Pipe”inspired by an email from the U.S. Energy Administration, some times identified by the acronym EIA, a slew of Nobel Laureates that included former president Carter was reported to have admonished Mr. Obama, the current U.S president not to exceed to Canada’s and some of … More

Steady She Goes

April 3, 2014 Yesterday, the day after the face of the FR chair kept appearing in a corner of my TV As yields tumbled and prices surged with stocks through the day And gale winds, valorously fought by the Fed.’s former man at the fore, Storm clouds over sea-surge kept threatening more “headwinds”; Still from … More Steady She Goes