Video Doubts

July 26, 2014

Even after rehab the 2013 Mayor Ford video has not been seen by anyone but the New York City Gawker reporter and the Toronto Star reporters, and I forgot Police Chief Blair’s officer some time in 2013. Now talk of the video has receded with emphasis on Mayor Ford’s refusal to support world pride. Stories about Mayor Ford and crack, mostly old ones keep popping up online as though the drug culture had just started, or didn’t exist. Not even his possible alcoholism can put an end to the phrase “smoking crack” as WASALive or a 2013 National Post article puts it.

December 7, 2013

The following statements which include a December 5 Citynews header stating that “Mayor Ford may have tried to buy…” a hear say, not publicly available video appears in peterderemigis search results headed “Mayor Ford may have tried to buy crack video,..” My introductory comments based on the use of may in that header are the point of my post of Dec. 6. Firstly the word may ambiguously implies the factual existence of the video without substantiating evidence such as the physical, publicly verifiable video itself. The term may factually applies only to suggestions that the mayor was not certain that the video actually exists and to date its existence is based only on here say.

It’s too bad the CTV header below doesn’t quote the document as evidence to prove that

“Mayor Ford may have tried to buy crack video, wiretap info suggests

12/04/2013 05:50 PM staff “