LRT: Instant Gratification

September 23, 2014

Does anyone in the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area) with anything to say about the TTC( Toronto Transportation Commission)  ride it or know anyone who uses it? I know I’ve been relying on TTC street cars for getting around the city of Toronto for years, and then Scarborough buses, and the Danforth subway connecting Toronto street cars to Scarborough buses that rode all the way to Port Union Road on the edge of Pickering. The most unpleasant, most confining part of the trip came last when someone replaced buses at Kennedy subway station with that long cold up a long flight of steps platform to the LRT and its little box cars that trundled one stop north to Lawrence behind people’s yards and factories and dumped people off into the cold dungeon like stairwells leading up to another weather wary wait for those Scarborough TTC busses east to Port Union.

When I finally moved from downtown Toronto out here to the eastern limits of the GTA 3 years before amalgamation I was impressed with the number of buses that rode all the way back to Yonge Street from Port Union Road; but many of those routes and convenient bus stops: one that you could phone to know the time of a bus’ arrival ceased to exist when Scarborough became part of the GTA. Even the convenience store that sold TTC tickets was cut off because the ticket supplier did not like the convenience store proprietor’s attitude thus requiring a bus trip or miles long walk to purchase TTC tickets.

Yesterday I received a flier from someone who wants to be elected GTA councillor for my area to replace the man who helped replace Mayor Ford with Mr. Kelley. But when I spotted her statement expressing a desire to stop talking about transit (presumably subways) and build it now ( presumably LRT) and looked at her picture I wondered if I’d ever seen her or her supporter from Ontario’s government riding the TTC or LRT.