Blackberry Ltd.;don’t let it out of your sight.

Yesterday January 30, 2017,  John Chen, U.S. citizen born in China; head of what was once a Canadian company, Research in Motion; now the more international Blackberry Ltd. was interviewed on BNN and objected to the U.S. ban on Middle East travelers entering America.

This morning, January 31,  in a caption printed across CP 24’s video screen Mr. Chen is said to be against  the “ban on Middle East travelers entering America”. So far these reports of Mr. Chen’s opposition to the recent U.S. immigration law has not mentioned that Mr. Chen himself as a tech worker is used to traveling freely from China to the U.S.A. and now to Canada replacing the former leader of Canada’s company  who went back to Germany with a few million severance dollars.


October 31, 2014

Blackberry like Suncor has an American leader; like its former leader from Germany who changed this Canadian company’s name from Research in Motion, before he high tailed it back to Germany, to its present name Blackberry. Talk of a company based in China taking over this Canadian business has according to The Motley Fool been stymied by the Nationalist Canadian federal government:

.., this wouldn’t be the first time the Conservative government has nixed a takeover offer. In 2010, it put a kibosh on an offer by BHP Billiton to acquire Potash Corporation. It’s rejected Telus‘ repeated efforts to buy Mobilicity. Other, lesser-profile deals have been shut down as well. It seems Ottawa is serious about keeping certain Canadian companies out of foreign hands…

But the same government in 2009 did sell the Crown Corporation Petro Canada to Suncor, born of U.S. global energy giant Sun Oil, and its Colorado born Officer of the Order of Canada, Mr George who handed the leadership of Suncor and Petro Canada to his Sun Oil associate Mr. Williams also of the U.S.A. and like Mr. George with experience working for Sun Oil in Great Britain.