Petro Canada/Suncor

Petro Canada/Suncor

Deremigi's Blog

June 7, 2014

Yesterday(June 6) while I arduously travelled west to work on a Scarborough TTC bus after a long walk and an outside wait to a place that I used to get to at Pharmacy a lot quicker travelling daily from downtown Toronto on the TTC east bound subway and a brief indoor wait and bus ride, I noticed at least 2 Petro Canada stations charging top price for gas $1.38.9 per litre like the Shell self serve and the Select self serve stations, unlike the full service signed Ultramar/Amco charging 136.? [I was at this station yesterday, August 31, 2014, when their full service sign read 129.1 per leter for regular while the Petero Canada’s self serve read 132.1 per leter.]

What seemed meaningful about the gas prices yesterday was that I remember that about 2 years ago almost to the month when service stations showed the…

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