Canada Day

Here’s an old one from blogspot recently viewed thrice, reminding me of its existence and that I’d written it way back in June: 2 days before Canada’s July 1, 2014 birthday celebration.

June 29, 2014

This coming Tuesday July 1 is Canada Day, like the United States of America’s July 4, its “fourth of July” birth day, July first is celebrated as Canada’s birthday in 1867 under Canada’s first prime minister, that mean old Tory, conservative, right winger, John A. MacDonald. On Tuesday 200 years after the war between colonial Canada and the United States ended, Canada now formally an independent nation has been quietly absorbed by American and other global entities melding with a near infinite array of Canadian companies too numerous to remember. The most recent media-celebrated business story is about Blackberry under an American corporate down-sizer bred in China, that Canadian Waterloo based technology company Rim , whose name changed to Blackberry(Primecap Management & Fairfax Financial controlling shareholders) under its previous leader who “high tailed” it back to Germany last year. But the most glaring example of Canadian business “Laissez faire” ness has been the almost invisible demise of Canada’s crown corporation Petro Canada achieved in 2009 by the persistent efforts of Sun Oil’s Colorado bred, officer of the Order of Canada, Rick George, narrated by George himself in his 2012 publication Sunrise.