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Today is December 22, 2014 one year and a day since Toronto’s ice storm (Mayor Ford’s mayoral powers having been given by city councillors to councillor Kelly disregarding COTA, City of Toronto Act 2006, and the Municipal Elections Act) who snow- birded it down to Florida while Mr. Ford stayed to photo-op-visit neighbourhoods suffering without furnace power in days of sub-zero temperatures. But today Mr. Ford now re-elected to his old Etobicoke councillor’s seat after his less than  3 year stint as mayor, elected by a sizeable majority in 2010, seems newsworthy only because of illness: the media scandals that drove him from the mayor’s office have been replaced by reports of weeks-old-mayor John Tory’s having 74% approval, an all time high.

October 27, 2014

As you see what’s copied below is an old one, but in the first 26 days of October 2014, it’s received over 700 hits on by way of the tags “soberness coach” and its title “A Stake through the Heart …”: the way you stop a vampire.

But yesterday on Cp 24 between about 5 and 7pm. EDT he was brought back to political life at least twice, when I turned on the TV to check the temperature , in words like when people go into the voting booth tomorrow they will be thinking about Mayor Ford’s behaviour (obscene language drunkenness and all the things media has informed everyone about Mayor Ford). The first reference to Mayor Ford surprised me, giving my mind a shake since he was no longer running for mayor and during the last few days, in fact, CP 24 has been showing images of Mr.minor-mayor Kelly illegally appointed 1 yr. ago by that “caterpillar” – like cluster of councillors, and regaled with the emblem of mayor round his neck and that little plastic poppy pinned on him: so it’s Kelley’s image and the tiny ones who chose him that I took with me when I voted early last week.

Today October 6, 2014 we were reminded by Doug Ford’s trying to defend against the charge of racism that the word “race” has become a powerful force in political rhetoric, a trap, a gotcha as is suspicion of association with non medically sanctioned illicit drugs’

May 14, 2014

A Stake Through The Heart…

Today my mayor ford search turned up, in a Sun article pasted below, what I consider to be a piece written about Toronto’s elected mayor typical of the style of the reports (excluding the American May, 2013 Gawker report) that all Canada’s major news corporations have repeated Online since that New York based Gawker article.The emphasis on the former mayor’s video taped cocaine ingestion is always accompanied by a photo of Mr. Ford arm in arm with two men whose physical appearance is not typical of any of those photographed in protests urging him to resign. This photo of the frolicking mayor seems to imply that even though the much heralded cocaine ingesting video has never been viewed by the public it must really exist because the photo of the mayor and his two buddies are behaving and looking like cocaine users. In fact even the writer of the Gawker article after seeing the still hidden video had to have the man showing the video verify that the mayor was actually using cocaine.

And now many of the former mayor’s dogged Ford Nation supporters are being targeted( the so-called “gullible“nicknamed by a Star columnist )shown that the mayor’s bad behaviour includes disrespect toward themselves- to keep him down and out of office, too disgraced to achieve an electoral come back in October – perhaps people like those in the photo and those so-called minorities, real people, who I’ve heard saying that despite his publicly explored personal problems Mayor Ford has been “doing a good job”.


Doug Ford says Rob Ford is “doing well” but he refused to address racist comments attributed to the mayor.

“Rob’s doing well, I have no comments about anything else,” Doug Ford told reporters Monday.

Mayor Ford took a leave of absence on April 30 to seek help for his admitted “problem with alcohol.” The Fords maintain the mayor has been in rehab since May 1.

But Councillor Ford refused Monday to answer questions about media reports detailing the mayor making several racist comments.

The Toronto Star reported late Friday that it had listened to an audio tape of Mayor Ford from March where he claims he’s “the most racist guy around.”

“Nobody sticks up for people like I do, every f—ing k–e, n—–, f—ing w-p, d-go, whatever the race,” Ford states, according to the Star.

On April 30, the Toronto Sun reported on a separate audio tape of Mayor Ford recorded in an Etobicoke bar before he went to rehab in which he also uses racial slurs.

Councillor Ford — the mayor’s re-election campaign manager — refused to address the report.

“I have no comment on that,” Ford said.

“Rob’s doing very well, very well.”

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly — who held a Black Business Professionals Roundtable at City Hall Monday — called Mayor Ford’s comments “deplorable.”

Councillor Michael Thompson said anyone who has “such a view is certainly ill-informed.”

“This is 2014, anyone who has those types of views or perspective needs to be obviously retrained,” Thompson said.

He stressed those views are “unacceptable.”

“Those types of views and perspective are inappropriate,” he said.

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