Canada’s Dirty Secret

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A. The United States and Canada are crisscrossed by thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines, but none have drawn the attention and political controversy of Keystone XL. Environmentalists oppose the project because it would create a conduit to market for petroleum extracted from the Alberta oil sands, an unconventional energy source requiring far more fuel, water and carbon emissions to extract than conventional oil and gas.

Reading media-political depictions above and below about how not allowing a pipeline to carry Canada’s tar sands oil into the United States will deny Canada’s ability to export dirty non-renewable oil, despite Canada’s already shipping  this oil to the U.S. by train thus making Canada the #1 exporter of oil to the U.S. ahead of even Saudi Arabia. and according to Canadian Press’ “Baloney Meter” ahead of all OPEC countries combined :”Canadian oil is increasingly dominant among those imports, now overtaking…

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