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TUESDAY, 25 DECEMBER, 2007 The Pursuit of Happiness Thomas Gainsborough The Morning Walk . 1785 Hearing presidential candidate, Obama stating that some American business executives are paid many times more in one day than the lowest paid worker earns in … Continue reading

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Ontario’s Happiest Workers: The Sunshine List

March 27, 2015(updated March 28, 2015) Below is the list of some Toronto city hall workers taking home more than $100, 000 per year as of today March 27, 2015. Curiously Mayor Ford’s pay is not listed here though it was on CP24 … Continue reading

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When War Was a Private Enterprise

March 24, 2015 Yesterday while looking for accounts of Richard III’s funeral, I came across an opinion reacting to a comment that Richard III was the last (English) king to die in battle. Well in them days up ’till 1485 … Continue reading

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Toronto’s Fear/”culture of fear”

In a Toronto Star article dated March 23, 2015 we read that former Mayor Ford has left a legacy of fear that has caused Mayor Tory to cringe, too frightened to stand up to “Ford Nation” and fearlessly do what’s right for Toronto … Continue reading

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OMB/Ontario Municipal Board

March 12, 2015 Last evening at the Toronto District School Board meeting an OMB report was frequently mentioned by trustees who wanted to revisit a decision the board made to appeal a city of Toronto ruling to not permit the … Continue reading

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March 6, 2015

March 7, 2015 Yesterday when the temperature these days was on its way to near minus five degrees Celsius with rather clear skies, while snow pummeled and snarled lines of cars on roads in the U.S. south – said “the … Continue reading

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Investing For Jobs/Making Money From Money

What follows seems locked 3 years in the distant past, and though Ms.Yellen has replaced Mr. Bernanke so long ago that I almost forgot he ever existed, the money facts and the federal reserve chief’s cautious patter that I noted … Continue reading

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