March 6, 2015

March 7, 2015

Yesterday when the temperature these days was on its way to near minus five degrees Celsius with rather clear skies, while snow pummeled and snarled lines of cars on roads in the U.S. south – said “the news” – I ventured out to my Lawrence East bus stop, a cool 15 minute walk and wait where sub-zero wind even in the sunshine made me wish I’d staid home. I rode west past that dungeon like rapid transit stop like the ones some city hallers say’s a better choice than fewer heated subway extension stops, saving money for snow bird city workers says me; while Mayor Tory, chasing illegally stopped out-of-town couriers, fumed about a four hundred million dollar over run on a downtown Toronto subway expansion, and I kept trying to recall when I’d first seen those construction boards up at the Rosedale subway stop, and that deafening rat a tat renovating at Union Station still to be finished for riders yet to be born before it began. And on that ride (like the one I told about last June) west then North on Victoria Park to the end of the line then back east on an Ellesmere bus, those sign after signs – Petro Canada in sync with Shell and other U.S. outlets – that said gas for sale $106.9 and a lone Ultramar sign that said $104.9, like Amco where last Saturday Feb. 28 I paid 103.? several cents lower than Petro Canada and Shell along Shepard East, Petro Canada once Canada’s Crown Corporation now Suncor the American branch of Sun Oil descendant of Standard Oil and the Peoples Natural Gas Company of 1885 Pittsburgh.