OMB/Ontario Municipal Board

March 12, 2015 Last evening at the Toronto District School Board meeting an OMB report was frequently mentioned by trustees who wanted to revisit a decision the board made to appeal a city of Toronto ruling to not permit the construction of a sports dome on school board property. Two thirds of trustees succeeded in voting to revisit the decision to appeal city hall’s decision at the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) and to delay that review until after the Ontario Municipal Board’s June 2015 report on the school board’s appeal.

Again all of this TDSB and OMB talk is about what seems to have been a determination by Toronto’s District School Board to partner with a private developer to build a sports field and dome on the grounds of a school property designated for residential use only. According to one local resident the school board’s expenses in going to the Ontario Municipal Board to overrule city hall’s decision, a failed law suit at the Superior Court of Justice, and a lost court appeal have cost The Toronto District School Board and taxpayers unnecessary expense.

Trying  to make sense of this dome TDSB private developer conundrum, I put a question in the Google search box and got a National Post article dated June 3, 2014 featuring Karen Stintz when she was running for mayor of Toronto. A photo of her debating at a May 26, 2014 mayoral event stands over her words concerning the dome magnifying the strangeness of her stand against the sports dome. In promoting the need for the TDSB to provide public park space she speaks against the sports dome but says that it was too far gone, too much a done deal to stop:

“It sounds like that proposal is too far down the line, so I’m not going to oppose that,” she said. “What I will say is that we want to guard against that being the future model.”

Last night March 11, 2015 trustees were waiting on the Ontario Municipal Board’ s report on the school boards appeal of councilors rejection the sports dome proposal in a May 6, 2012 (4) vote from which councilors Ms. Stintz, Mr Layton, Jaye Robinson and Mayor Ford were absent.