Ontario’s Happiest Workers: The Sunshine List

March 27, 2015(updated March 28, 2015)

Below is the list of some Toronto city hall workers taking home more than $100, 000 per year as of today March 27, 2015. Curiously Mayor Ford’s pay is not listed here though it was on CP24 television news’ little Province of Ontario list of workers getting more than $100,000 with Rob Ford getting one hundred and seventy thousand dollars($170,000) in about 6’th place after the top Ontario Hydro worker who gets over one million five hundred thousand dollars. Also strangely omitted from the list I saw on CP24 was the $349,259.68(The Sun) yearly pay of Police Chief Blair which would have put him well ahead of Rob Ford.  So far only the City of Toronto has made its list of top paid workers easily searchable on line.  I guess the CP24’s  pay information  is one more reason to be careful with data caught on the television news with its $170, 000 for Rob Ford listed about 6’th while the Police Chief’s $349,259.68 is not even mentioned. (The $349,259.68 from the Sun is about $15000. more than the city’s  $334,291 for Mr. Blair)

  1. Joe Pennachetti, city manager: $363,234.
  2. Bill Blair, chief of police: $334,291.
  3. Andy Byford, TTC CEO $323,638.
  4. David McKeown, medical officer of health $298,488.
  5. Barbara Yafee, associate medical officer of health, communicable disease control $288,488.
  6. Elzbieta Rozak, registered nurse long term care & hostels $285,922.
  7. Michael Finklestein, associate medical officer of health, $275,750.
  8. John Livey, deputy city manager $272,824.
  9. Gene Jones, CEO Toronto Community Housing Corp. $270,581.
  10. Sameh Ghaly, TTC chief capital officer, $257,600.
 Other noteable city workers on the sunshine list include:
  • Ombudsman Fiona Crean: $232,322.
  • Solicitor Anna Kinastowski: $232,739.
  • City librarian Jane Pyper: $228,618 (note Pyper has recently announced she’s stepping down).
  • Chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat: $216,867

Here is a complete list published by the Globe and Mail in 2015; when I began searching the net this morning the most complete list I found was the one above. I assumed it was published today. Maybe it wasn’t: that might account for the difference in the SUN’S numbers and the city hall figures for Mr. Blair pasted above in second place after Pennachetti. This morning, March 28, 2015, I found the authouratative Province of Ontario lists of workers government pays  $100,000 per year. The lists are categorized according to government agencies, then alphabetically according to  location. The near infinite array  of people earning the lowest amounts, the 100,00 or just above, necessitate a time consuming search for the many highest paid individuals who earn $500,000 to one million or more to come into view, none of whose titles indicate they are elected officials.