Today as I searched out the latest on ISIS I came upon a linked article dated June 11, 2015 that repeats that axiom of recent history “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” expressing a belief that scarcely anyone with a grade eight education would think of challenging: it’s everywhere in the air on the … More Power

That Video

Today June 7, 2015 I remember a Mr. Lisi who was linked to Mr. Rob Ford, former GTA mayor, when Canada’s media opposed Mr. Lisi in court and sought to expose a video showing Mr. Ford ingesting “crack” , an apparent low-grade of cocaine. The video still hasn’t materialized though a May 8 Toronto Star … More That Video

Culture Clash?

Culture Clash? Inspired by reading that Confucius’ “Book of Songs” contained poems that offered China’s ancient ruler a way to govern better by presenting the sentiments of China’s populace expressed by a variety of poets, I began imagining American movies and American literature as means of revealing elements of American society. Last week I saw … More Culture Clash?