Let’s pay a little more for better government.

A few days back while trying to find the basis for Mayor Tory’s self congratulatory statements about how his bringing back TTC services that former mayor Ford had rescinded I was reminded of the announcement by one of his staff this past spring to critics that this new mayor’s over 300 thousand dollar office budget increase was worthier of the mayor’s position than the the meagre staff of Mr. Ford’s less expensive office. And an article in the Scarborough Mirror about the former chair of the Greater Toronto Area School Board becoming a Federal Liberal member of parliament for a Scarborough riding reminded me that he was among the 10 board trustees who validated the

… director’s controversial $289,000 salary Add to … Trustees of the Toronto District School Board voted on Monday to leave the top staff official’s salary intact, despite a letter from the Education Minister last month reiterating that director Donna Quan should be paid $17,000 less.Jan 12, 2015