Oil & the Loonie

Something called Carbon Capture Report comes up every so often when I put “peterderemigis” into Google. Today I opened it to see why my name was embedded, and found this: my old 2010 outburst about $150-a-barrel petrol when Canada’s currency was just about par with the greenback. Now oil has sunk to just over forty … More Oil & the Loonie

Corporations and Political Parties are a Lot like People

In the 2012 U.S. presidential election campaign someone said Republican candidate Romney thinks corporations are people. So I think that political parties like corporations are beginning to behave a lot like people especially in Canada where the actions of party leaders are too often seen as being motivated by a premier’s or prime minister’s preferences as … More Corporations and Political Parties are a Lot like People

We know what we think we know, and what we know about politics, economics, society, science and education is what we’re allowed to know: what various authorities say on television and on increasingly opaque rumour and bias layered “social media”. So when Canada’s 2-week old Prime Minister representing Canada’s Liberal party and 39% of an … More

Amidst much hand wringing over Europe’s and north America’s offers to import Syrian refugees, and trepidation over possible financial market losses because of the November 13 killings in Paris, investors seemed in a buoyant mood buying gold, silver, oil, bonds  and stocks on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges. Earlier videoed speeches by Mr. Obama … More

Unity, Change, Freedom, Obama

Originally posted on Deremigi's Blog:
And today, November 15, 2015, the “unity” theme keeps appearing on my TV screen silently in printed video captions under president Obama’s speaking at the G20 conference in Turkey about stricter national boarder enforcement. And the thought occurred that at the G20 “unity” as in Mr. Obama’s early political campaigns means agreement,…

A Rock Star

I put “isis” into the Google box today ( Nov.15), the first time I’ve done so in several weeks, and this is what popped up at the very top of the page:   Justin Trudeau gets rock star welcome at G20, faces questions on Canada’s role in ISIS fight CBC.ca‎ – 6 hours ago Canada’s … More A Rock Star