Amidst much hand wringing over Europe’s and north America’s offers to import Syrian refugees, and trepidation over possible financial market losses because of the November 13 killings in Paris, investors seemed in a buoyant mood buying gold, silver, oil, bonds  and stocks on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges. Earlier videoed speeches by Mr. Obama and Mr. Hollande recommended  immediate unified actions to thwart further terrorist attacks in Europe and America.

In trying to learn online about what preparations had been made to thwart the November 13, 2015 killings before they’d happened  I discovered an article dated November 15, 2015 that suggests that French media and Paris emergency groups had anticipated the attacks and that “The head of France’s external intelligence was in Washington for consultations with CIA Chief John Brennan two weeks before the attacks” 

But the article hints that the November 13 attacks are being used as pretext for “military escalation directed against Syria and its allies[Russia?]. It is not intended to go after the Islamic State, which is protected by the US led coalition.” 

The statement about French media knowing about the attacks in advance appears in the headers of other online articles.

But the hint that France’s deployment of the ‘…aircraft carrier group Charles de Gaulle to the Middle East, with a mandate to “fight against the Islamic state”…’   

could be aimed at the “Syria and its allies and its allies” is as unusual as it is baffling.

About 6:30 pm. France announced it would send its aircraft carrier to the middle east as a result of Friday’s attacks. Online articles seem to indicate that the French had announced the sending of its Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier before November 13, 2015. Another article dated Feb 23, 2015 linked to an November 15 Atlantic article says


“French Aircraft Carrier in Gulf for IS Fight




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