Unity, Change, Freedom, Obama

Mr. Hollande followed, speaking above the caption “act of war” that’s been on my screen since Saturday November 14. His Agreement with Mr. Obama’s call for stricter border control was expressed in a caption calling for stricter controls in Europe. Then another caption appeared as Mr. Hollande continued speaking asking for extra legal measures. There were  statements about the need for greater powers  and more resources(money?).

Amidst all the video statements above, one about extending a state of emergency beyond the current 3 month period seems typical in its showing a kind of after-the-fact-lack-of for thought and planning as though states of emergency should be implemented after the fact not before, as if someone’d forgotten that major attacks seem to have taken a long time to plan and do not immediately repeat  after an atrocity;  and so may not require an immediate increase in government resources (money?) and powers, but  rather thought and careful planning.

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And today, November 15, 2015, the “unity” theme keeps appearing on my TV screen silently in printed video captions under president Obama’s speaking at the G20 conference in Turkey about stricter national boarder enforcement. And the thought occurred that at the G20 “unity” as in Mr. Obama’s early political campaigns means agreement, and it’s difficult to imagine anyone in  his audience wanting to disturb the quietude of “unity”.

December 26, 2014

I was just looking at my most recent posts: one very old one and one reminding me that “unity” is still a central political theme along with “change” both highlighted by Mr. Obama in his 2008 primary campaign bringing to mind a curious omission among political slogans – “freedom”.

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