Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau

As I mentioned in my November 15, 2015 “Rock Star” blog, I used to put “isis” into the Google box almost daily. On Nov. 15 after having forgotten to bother with my daily “isis” search,  I wanted to see what media might be saying about ISIS after the November 13 attacks, and as I mentioned got that Rock Star article with an image of Mr. Trudeau surrounded by grinning women in Turkey where he attended the G20 meeting, certainly an unexpectedly celebratory appearance considering the sombre television images I’d been seeing on Canadian reports about the November 13 Paris attacks. I quickly forgot that surprising image and its circumstances; and not until today, November 18, did I again remember to try a repeat of my Google “isis” search, but to my astonishment at the top of the search results under a number indicating “isis” had brought up 253 million files (including even my WordPress “Rock Star” file) was an article about Mr Trudeau’s/Canada’s commitment to the fight against ISIS despite his discontinuing Canada’s support of the bombing campaign in Syria.