We know what we think we know, and what we know about politics, economics, society, science and education is what we’re allowed to know: what various authorities say on television and on increasingly opaque rumour and bias layered “social media”. So when Canada’s 2-week old Prime Minister representing Canada’s Liberal party and 39% of an electorate attended an economic conference of world leaders 2 days after a major attack in France, the conference most likely became a discussion of war. But Canada’s new leader is depicted as a “Rock Star” smiling midst a cluster of grinning and jubilant female admirers. After this initial online CBC display at the top of over 200 million files we see that the “Rock Star” Prime Minister will not continue supporting the bombings of ISIS but will send more Canadians into Iraq to train troops to maintain Canada’s opposition to ISIS. But what does this take support from there to put it here mean for Canada’s military stance in the world, in the Middle East and Africa. Will it be about the same as that developed by Canada’s former Conservative Prime Minister as Canada once advertised as peace keeper has become a peace maker; or will it appear less bellicose amidst “nuanced” utterances of a “Rock Star” seeming to give “peace a chance” .




I saw Mr. Trudeau some days before the Paris attack and the G20 conference in Turkey where media depicted him as a “Rock Star” an image that confirmed my impression of him on CP24 as a light weight speaking but saying nothing, dancing to the choreography, trying not to misstep. But here’s another impression.


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