The Divide

“He becomes a leader to people who, on balance, wouldn’t be allowed in his servant quarters.”(Vinay Menon Toronto Star, February 22, 2016) It’s funny how those employed to write for the public don’t seem to favour people like Mr. Donald  Trump or Mr. Robert Ford. Efforts to eliminate Mr. Trump began by writers employed by major … More The Divide

“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being Right About Donald Trump.” When we first heard on Toronto’s CP24 all day television news that Mr. Trump would finally get a chance to exercise his political skills, my wife’s querulous musing about why he was going to try to be the Republican’s candidate for president of the United … More

Is it true?

I posted “A Media Favourite” just after August 6, 2015 on Here it is again on the occasion of media reports of Mr. Trump’s suspecting media bias in favour of Mr. Rubio. A Media Favourite? I have to wonder why I bothered giving attention to the Republican candidates’ debate this far before the names … More Is it true?