Is it true?

I posted “A Media Favourite” just after August 6, 2015 on Here it is again on the occasion of media reports of Mr. Trump’s suspecting media bias in favour of Mr. Rubio.

A Media Favourite?

I have to wonder why I bothered giving attention to the Republican candidates’ debate this far before the names of the “real” candidates are known and voted for. Maybe Mr. Obama’s opinion of debates as “media-driven gamesmanship” explains why commentators (pundits/journalists) on line and on television implied that maybe Ms.Fiorina won on Agust 6, 2015 when she was not even in the debate, and that Mr. Trump though the central attraction was not one of the “real” Republican candidates. PBS news including a BBC interview of an apparent Republican operative who scornfully dismissed Mr. Trump’s candidacy seemed to agree with “The News Hour’s” Shields and Brooks both of whom dismissed Trump and praised Fiorina with honourable mention to Kasich and Rubio of the actual debators. In fact Mr. Shields suggested that Trump had sealed his doom by attacking the debate moderator from Fox News, a Republican favouring organization, suggesting that Trump might have got away with attacking a Democrat supporter but not the all powerful news organization that had put on the debate.

Today September 21 after the dust has settled since the Regan Library debate in which Fiorina actually participated and which experts, as Canada’s cp24 put it, experts said Fiorina won the debate . I wasn’t surprised of course. I’d been reading about a coming brawl between Fiorina and Trump over Fiorinas’s face for some time now keeping my memory on that puzzling reaction to the August 6 debate when Fiorina seemed an also ran, but became the favourite of most online articles that kept denigrating Mr. Trump while raising the stature of Fiorina.

And on September 22 she’s getting stronger with CNN leading the pack.
Maybe they’ve found the way to eliminate Mr. Trump. WOW!