Hunger and Principle

I’m reluctant to say anything bad about Mr. Trump cause bad’s about all they can say about him. The last I heard he told Mr. Bush to shut up, even though I don’t think he actually said shut up, but that’s what Sundays online headers said about Mr Trump not wanting to hear Mr. Bush tell about how Trump’s aggressive business deal interfered with someone’s personal freedom. What they should be writing and saying instead of hurling pot-stirring epithets like “racist” and “sexist” is telling about how business and government have nothing in common because justice is what government should be about and acquisitiveness is what drives business. That’s the point of government’s laws: they’re supposed be written to achieve justice, not for getting anyone the best deal, but arranging the best society for people to do the best for themselves and their nation just like I heard someone say in a movie about the beginnings of the U.S. space program. And achieving justice is the most difficult and some might say impossible task; but without trying to find people like Plato’s philosopher king to think about justice, govern and make laws focused on justice, government becomes a place for the appetitive and in the know to use what they know to do money deals investing the spending of them not in the know and without loopholes.

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