Mayor Ford

I don’t think I’ll ever forget mayoral candidate Chow berating former Mayor Ford, replaced by Councillor Kelley, (despite the Municipal Elections Act 2006) as all candidates competing to be Mayor in December 2014 spoke on stage in a televised debate. In those days the media reports accusing him of racism, sexism and drug taking seemed … More Mayor Ford

Trump’s Gang

Since they started writing against Donald Trump’s ranting rather cool McLuhan esq discombobulated vitriol; never trying to help readers better understand his words or his intent, always making what he says seem divisively nonsensical, they’ve jabbed his supporters subtly at first but with the same devastating consistency as they paraphrased Mr. Trump’s speeches always implying … More Trump’s Gang


For days I couldn’t get the movie title “Revenant”  off my mind. Then one morning I picked my old copy of Charles Baudelaire‘s Les Fleurs du Mal (1868) off the shelf, found by chance and translated “Le Revenant” Looking like an angel to the wild eyed I will enter your lair, Gliding about you silently … More Revenant

  Bailouts, Debt and Benghazi And now it’s March 10, 2016 it’s nearly 2 years since the writing of what follows, and New Zealand’s surprised by lowering its central bank rate, and Canada’s central banker’s kept Canada’s central interest rate at .05%; and here in North America investors keep bond yields low with plenty of … More

Infrastructure Anyone

I wrote what follows just about when President Obama was celebrating the most expensive inauguration in American history. I had been hearing him talking about reviving the U.S. economy by spending money on infrastructure which today keeps being offered in Canada as a way of improving Canada’s economy. But as usual no one but Donald … More Infrastructure Anyone

The Commonweal

There are two things that I have difficulty believing and that is that people who write about racism do so because they wish to improve social equality which to me means promoting justice. For media writers instances of injustice provide opportunities to increase their readers by making it seem that the people they call racists … More The Commonweal