Mr. Trump Needs People; He’s A Salesman

Since he entered the Republican primary competition Mr. Trump has been personally vilified first by Shields and Brooks on PBS after the first Republican candidates debate saying he was not one of the serious contenders like Mr. Rubio, Ms. Fiorina, and Mr Kasich; then by bloggers representing all imaginable media organizations creating a character who should be despised by all right thinking people. They’ve depicted him as a racist, a sexist, a cry baby and a xenophobe ( scared of strangers). But here I think the arbitrary subjectivity of these characterizations have misdirected perceptions of the kind of person Mr. Trump really is. For all of these characterizations imply that Mr. Trump is an anti social narcissist needing only his ego for strength. This image has allowed the real Mr. Trump, the salesman to perform unabated, for the real Mr. Trump needs people. When his poll numbers are high his comments according to media make him sound brash and overconfident; when they are low he behaves as though he has been rejected. For Mr. Trump wants to be liked and to win; and to be liked and win he needs people.

A surprising comment by a former president, Mr. Carter, may seem accurate when the people-needing aspect of Mr. Trump is considered: Mr. Carter according to media said Mr. Trump is malleable. To me Carter’s observation confirms that Mr. Trump needs people to the extent that he will do what will make people happy to get their approval. And again I think that snapshot of him with an old friend from Toronto, Canada probably a stranger that perhaps a xenophobe might have felt apprehensive about sharing a snapshot with.