Mayor Ford

I don’t think I’ll ever forget mayoral candidate Chow berating former Mayor Ford, replaced by Councillor Kelley, (despite the Municipal Elections Act 2006) as all candidates competing to be Mayor in December 2014 spoke on stage in a televised debate. In those days the media reports accusing him of racism, sexism and drug taking seemed to support Ms. Chow’s condemning of Mr. Ford. In all journalistic reports Councillor Kelly appeared as a kind of saviour in replacing Mr. Ford, and the majority of councillors who chose Mr. Kelly were praised despite their acting against the strictures of the City of Toronto Act 2006. In those days other councillors kept appearing on television as a sanctimonious contrast to the unseemliness of their former council leader; like Mr. Kelly they too seemed to be doing the right thing in reminding voters, “the gullible”, of the mess Mr. Ford had made of Toronto’s government. Today March 22, Holly Week 2016 Mayor Ford is no longer “half mayor” “ Councillor Kelley presumably the other half. Today Mayor Ford is just the former Mayor of Toronto.