Sunday Afternoon

Spreading shadow and light on surrounding walls Sun sprays through the twisting curtains. In the table you’ve just polished The window glistens. Foot in his mouth and dreaming Our sleeping cat curls in the corner No sign he’s aware that you’ve left. While clock on its pivoting pendulum clicks A sparrow chick chirps out a … More Sunday Afternoon

Media and Reality

Of all the caricaturing journalistic jargon I’ve read since Donald Trump got into the contest to be the Republican candidate for president of the United states in 2016 I’ve noticed two bits of writing saying something about reality. One piece by a New York Times reporter confessing that he hadn’t taken Mr. Trump’s candidacy seriously … More Media and Reality

Shakespeare’s King John

I learned from television news that President Obama will visit the Globe Theater to comomemerate the 400’th year since Shakespeare’s death. King John, Act 2, Scene 3; a citizen of Angiers and Philip the Bastard

A Road Well Travelled

As the dust settles around the Donald Trump image and he adopts a proper humbler attitude with apologies widely heralded online for at least a week, he seems to be growing into that middle of the road. As Democrat former President Jimmy Carter said some time ago: Mr. Trump is malleable which to me means … More A Road Well Travelled

Working Class/Middle Class

Salon’s Stephanie Land article reveals that the lines separating middle class and working class are blurring. In fact I think that before Donald Trump started running to be the Republican nominee for president I had thought that almost every one in the U.S. saw themselves as middle class even university degree less labourers. The working … More Working Class/Middle Class

Defining Working Class

I just read a Salon  online article by Stephanie Land who identifies herself as a working class white person the same people that many online journalists say are Donald Trump supporters. When I put her name into the Google box I discovered a Stephanie Land  who is a writer and editor celebrated by her peers. According to … More Defining Working Class


When I put donaldtrump into the Google box here’s one of the things that came up: “Donald Trump’s ‘Charity’ Is a Money-Making Scam Not only does the GOP frontrunner avoid giving any of his own money to charity, he manages to make some serious profits from his ‘donations.’” Reminds me of what I was wondering … More Charity