Defining Working Class

I just read a Salon  online article by Stephanie Land who identifies herself as a working class white person the same people that many online journalists say are Donald Trump supporters. When I put her name into the Google box I discovered a Stephanie Land  who is a writer and editor celebrated by her peers. According to my definition of working class this Stephanie Land having been college educated and working as a writer and editor regardless of how much money she has seems more middle class, and not working class like her blue colour relatives and neighbours whose peers are not writers as are Stephanie Land’s.


I’ve twice attempted to link to the Salon article by Stephanie Land but the URL wont link.

So here’s the header to that article by Ms. Land that I read yesterday, April 16, 2016.



Donald Trump Is a Fraud: I Am a Member of the White Working Class, and We Must Not Fall for His Lies

When you are one illness or broken-down car from losing everything, it’s scary. But Donald Trump is not the answer.

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