Working Class/Middle Class

Salon’s Stephanie Land article reveals that the lines separating middle class and working class are blurring. In fact I think that before Donald Trump started running to be the Republican nominee for president I had thought that almost every one in the U.S. saw themselves as middle class even university degree less labourers. The working class which to me meant those whose living style was based on earning a living by physical labour seemed to have meaning in Canada and in Britain, not the U.S.A.. In Canada’s recent federal election though, the group most championed by the Liberal winners was the middle class which surprised me because Mr Trudeau’s middle class political pitch sounded just like the one President Obama and his fellow Democrats had been pitching for some time in the U.S. without any mention of a working class. In Britain there is still a political party named for the working class. In Canada we used to have the CCF that my father used to see as the working man’s party. Sometimes that old CCF used to be called a socialist or communist party, but since it became the NDP party it’s begun to take on a centrist Liberal party appearance seeming to represent a more family oriented liberal middle class, and  led by a former Quebec Liberal party cabinet minister.

So Ms. Land’s article is puzzling because the working class label that I hadn’t noticed in years of following United State’s politics has come to replace the notion that everyone in America was middle class. And this new awareness of the existence of a working class has come to light because of a wealthy salesman politician who is neither from the working class nor the mythic middle class. And Ms. Land whether she is the person endorsed by writer peers as an accomplished writer and editor or simply the Stephanie Land who wrote a couple of articles for Salon, her manner of work cannot easily be comprehended by the political-sociological label, working class. In fact Ms. Land’s recent article in Salon may reveal the truth behind politicians’ highlighting the plight of the real middle class, the educated, intellectual class who may be falling into a life style similar to that thought of as working class.

In the 19’th century Karl Marx predicted, despite 20’th century political systems in Russia and China, that a classless communist society would emerge when everyone fell into the same social class.