A Road Well Travelled

As the dust settles around the Donald Trump image and he adopts a proper humbler attitude with apologies widely heralded online for at least a week, he seems to be growing into that middle of the road. As Democrat former President Jimmy Carter said some time ago: Mr. Trump is malleable which to me means he’ll go with the flow. He thinks U.S. wages are too high no surprise to made in Asia or Mexico labelers of products that global importers sell. So what if the Clintons and their trade allies created laws that made the globe a manufacturers’ oyster unfettered by high North American wages  opening doors to opportunities for all who can afford them. And today one online writer seems in agreement with Mr. Trump’s favouring low-interest rates that make the U.S. debt affordable, the kind of position investment professionals like for buying financial assets despite the rising cost of living that neither they nor governments see.