So what’s Mr. Sanders going to do?

Sanders crashes into Democratic Party wall

The Vermont senator’s camp seethes over real and perceived slights from the party establishment.

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May 12, 2016
Not too long ago amidst the clamour over Republicans’ lack of unity; unity, like the cry for unity that Mr. Obama made with his confident pronouncements of that change that can be believed in way back in 2008, Mr. Trump exasperated by conservatives questioning his own conservatism sputtered via video clip something like this isn’t the conservative party; it’s the Republican party. Much is being made of this division within Abraham Lincoln’s old party of the Yankee North East, in Lincoln’s day a party at the forefront of change fighting the states’ rights Democrats resisting that change that disallowed slave labour. But though much is being said about conservative control of that Grand Old Party and the divisiveness that the notion of conservatism is causing, which today seems to mean defending party stalwarts; nothing much is said about the division within the Democrat party as one of its 2 candidates trying to be the presidential candidate of that party may not even be a Democrat. This divisiveness is the product of attacks on the old order in both the Democrat and Republican party. Mr. Trump was reported to have said that Mr. Sanders’ Democrat supporters had much in common with his own Republican supporters most importantly they oppose America’s trade policies which both groups feel have diminished the livelihoods of both male and female workers.